Track Day and BattleAt12

Hey friends!

What’s good! I’m back, after a long hiatus. Towards the end of last year, families, friends and random earthlings came to experience one of the most exciting races we have in Kenya, BattleAt12! I selected a few photos from the Track Day that happened in September, 2015 and the Race Day that went down in October, 2015. I’ve also featured Ness Mutiga’s work, a gifted photographer, (Ness Pixels) –

The rest of the photos are on my FB page

Track Day






You’d better recognize these hecklers ha! Aka #TeamTime Ah! Such a cool crowd.

In October, 2015 we had the final race day.

BattleAt12 –


BattleAt12 started with a ride of honor to commemorate our brothers who’ve gone ahead of us. It was

flagged off by Machel Waikenda.


Here’s Charlie, the one in black and orange aka Robocop and his team ensuring all the racers of the 1000CC are ready and set to go.


From left to right Jaymo, Livi and Doc – 1000CC.


This was the 600CC race, Josh and Charlie doing their rounds.


Way back there was Bill Kasanda aka Mad Max, GG in the middle and Paul aka AGuy.


Sean Cardovillis interviewing Dr. Karuri aka Doc of #TeamBladeDoc the winner of the 1000CC.


Paul aka AGuy, the Champ, Blackie of #BlackRose — winner of the 600CC.


Grateful for the day that was. Looking forward to the next race, y’all better join us!


Bill Kasanda!!! Mad Max — The man of the hour, gotta respect and admire his spirit!


Thank you! Ness Mutiga (Ness Pixels)-












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