Shekel & Alex, the engagement shoot

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I hope you’ve been good! Here’s the story of the lovely couple that won the #shootwithme contest a few weeks ago Oh! It’s beautiful, thank you guys for sharing it with us.

We first met in campus while pursuing our different courses. At that time, we had no idea what the future held for us. Alex had noticed Njeri in the midst of all the girls. She was his younger sister’s friend. Random meet-ups with mutual friends in campus got them talking.


ALEX: Things changed when I got to know her more, I learnt that she has a big heart and an outgoing personality. She has a totally different perspective on life. What struck me most was her love for Christ.

I found her very sophisticated, knowledgeable and fun to be with and she had this relationship with Christ that informed all her decisions, this was profound! At that moment with all my imperfection, I really admired her and desired to know her more and when I finally got the courage to ask her out, I made it clear that I was interested in a relationship that would lead to marriage. But this was 6 years ago!

Shekel: One thing I admired and still love about Alex is his calm, cool and collected persona. Our first dates were really simple and humble. Our favorite place was a local hotel in Kawangware market. We would share one mandazi and drink tea. Those were my best evenings ever. I always looked forward to them. Despite the long trek home, he would walk me there to ensure that I was safe. Then, he would go back to get a matatu to his house. I still love our tea dates and we are always looking for new places to just chill and share moments with each other.



It has been a long journey of knowing each other more and God preparing us for each other.

Alex:  The most significant thing that she has done in my life is walking with me to a place where I now have a growing personal relationship with Christ.

Shekel: One of the major challenges that we have had to work out together was when we had a long distant relationship for a few years that while I worked in Pokot. There was no network coverage! Alex couldn’t call me! The only way we could communicate was strategically positioning myself at a place where there was network coverage and making the call. Those years were really long considering how we enjoy each other’s company and we could talk for hours on end. This was replaced by multiple messages on WhatsApp of any thought that came to mind for a couple of days waiting to be read when I got network coverage.


We strongly believe this is God’s chosen time for us to get married . We’ve had a couple of lows including a major breakup that was not easy. Like every other breakup, we were both wounded. We thank God for the wonderful counsel of friends who stood with us in our own individual “spaces”. We cried and prayed for direction and strength.

Alex: I asked God that if she is not the right one for me may we never reconcile, may we never see eye to eye.

After what seemed like forever, we both decided to give the relationship another chance. We went straight into Pre-marital Couples counseling to seek more guidance.


Shekel: During that break, God revealed to me that I needed to change a few things in my life. It gave me a chance to see Alex in a more clear way. I realized that he is actually a true friend. This being said, after a long spell of silence, I contacted Alex and asked if we could try this again.

Alex: I was sure that she is the one with no shadow of doubt! And here we are now engaged, planning our wedding and trusting God for a wonderful marriage. I never knew love until I met my fiancé. I now understand that I should continue loving her and it shall grow even deeper as I know about Christ more.


Shekel: I am glad I have chosen to walk the rest of my life with Alex. He is a trusted friend and a wise man to do life with. I can’t wait to see the next chapter that God has written in our lives. I look forward to love him with the best of me.


The Proposal

Alex has casually asked Shekel to marry him a whole lot of times. In the midst of taking a walk, having an argument, stuck in traffic, she can’t count the number of times he’s done that ha! Well, the most memorable one was when he took her out for a surprise dinner and popped the question on his bended knee and sealed it with a beautiful ring.


What a beautiful story, may God bless your adventure together! Special thank you to Crave Kitchen, Kikuyu. Thank you guys for coming by, see you soon!


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