Let’s throw it back to…


Hello fam,


I hope it’s been a great start of the year for you. I’m excited about the rest of it, because of God’s great plans for us!! Stay close to him and you’ll see it all come to pass. I thought to remind us all about the Revival Tour ’17. It was amazing, so grateful that I was part of the photography team. Enjoy some moments here, that you probably never got to see.

Revival Tour-4651

The arrival, we were so excited, yay! The sun was all out, it was a really hot afternoon.

Revival Tour-4649

How to protect your woman… take notes! Ha!

Revival Tour-4643Revival Tour-4715

Next stop, Kubamba Radio

Revival Tour-4719

Prayer time

Revival Tour-4735-2

Juls and her friends, aren’t they lovely?

Revival Tour-5438

Pastor Julian, getting ready to welcome our guests

Revival Tour-5449-2

Beautiful ladies in yellow

Revival Tour-5483Revival Tour-5495

Fiona and Kui

Revival Tour-5510Revival Tour-5517Revival Tour'17-4979-2Revival Tour'17-5006

Revival Tour'17-5057Revival Tour'17-5124Revival Tour'17-5150

World, you better watch out for lil’ Taylor

Revival Tour'17-5158Revival Tour'17-5182Revival Tour'17-5391

I look forward to the next one. A special thank you to Cornelius and Heather Lindsey for coming to Kenya! Their love for Christ, obedience and service to God inspires me. May he continue using them to impact lives for his glory, amen! Thank you for stopping over to check out my blog =)


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