Ceaseless love!

Hey friends,

I hope your day’s going great. A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to visit some precious little, well, some really grown ha! Friends at Mattaw Children’s Village for a few days in Kitale. We got to hang out with the children and the house parents with my friends Taylor, Morgan and Alyvia. On that particular Saturday afternoon, I grabbed my camera and walked around taking photos of activities that were taking place in the home. Enjoy the photos =)

A big THANK YOU to those of you reading this that are sponsors of the home.  Mattaw is so grateful for how you have helped feed, clothe, educate and most importantly, share Jesus’ heart with children that were once orphaned. I’m requesting you consider how God would have you be involved in advocating for the Mattaw Children that currently needs 98 children sponsored. The total monthly sponsorship needed per kid is $175 monthly. This is broken down into 5 sponsors. So it is $35 per month to cover one sponsorship. There are currently 224 sponsors and need 266 more for a total of 490! We can do this, but we need you! If you already sponsor a child or unable to sponsor right now, you could also help by sharing this video with others!


Here’s the website for more information  http://www.mattawchildren.com/

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Meet Wilber, I call him Wilberfierce ha!

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There are currently six homes where the children live with house parents.

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This is the play ground.

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Here’s the church.

“The only currency that will heal every culture is ceaseless love.”
-Heidi Baker


Thank you for stopping by =)  God bless.