A surprise bridal shower…

Hey everyone!!

Yay! Thanks for coming by! A few weeks ago, I got to cover a fun, surprise bridal shower for an amazing girl, Wixx! Incase you missed her engagement video, here you go, oh my word! You wanna watch it   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibiCo_kliLo

One of the nights before the surprise shower, Wixx and I agreed to hang out that weekend. Serah her sister, had contacted me earlier in the same week inviting me to the surprise shower that was going to happen on the same Saturday, but at night from 7pm, haha! So the weekend got here and I went over to a coffee shop just near my house to meet Wixx. I had this big bag that had a change of clothes and my camera ha! I explained to Wixx that I was going for a sleepover at a friend’s house ha! We got to spend time together and it was special. Then later, her fiancé and Edwin joined us for a bit, then suddenly, it was time to run. For me RUN to the venue, where the surprise bridal shower was going to take place, it was quite a long distance from where we were. So, I said goodbye to Wixx and friends then headed out.

Thankfully, I made it to the venue in good time, to SURPRISE her together with her friends and family. wixx_shower_01-2wixx_shower_01-4wixx_shower_01-3wixx_shower_01-60-18wixx_shower_01-33-8wixx_shower_01-11-4wixx_shower_01-15wixx_shower_01-17-7wixx_shower_01-34-9wixx_shower_01-50-17wixx_shower_01-79-19wixx_shower_01-38-10wixx_shower_01-41-13wixx_shower_01-44-16wixx_shower_01-42-14wixx_shower_01-39-11wixx_shower_01-43-15wixx_shower_01-40-12


Wixx, you’ll make a beautiful bride and a great wife =) Your bridal shower was so much fun, you’re dearly loved by family and friends.

Decor by Tindi Kamwetu, you can check her out on Instagram, isn’t it beautiful? anyways, I hope you enjoyed the photos. Thanks again for stopping by!!