GG & Faith’s engagement.

Hey people!!

We all saw the viral video about the proposal that happened at The Hub Karen about two weeks ago. Well, I finally received their romantic story, here goes =)

Faith wrote…

His face contained for me all possibilities of fierceness and sweetness, pride and submissiveness, self-containment. I never saw more in it than I had when I saw it first, because I saw everything then. The whole thing in him that I was going to love, and never catch or explain.

I had started my first job in the year 2011 and I met GG through a colleague of mine and that’s where the journey of friendship started. It took two months to say yes. To be his girlfriend officially. While in Naivasha camping LOL.

How best I would describe the journey ever since…It’s like being on the best roller coaster ride ever. In the very beginning, your climbing and think ‘I can’t believe am doing this, what the hell. Then as the ride continues you get to some point and it’s too late to back out because you are already moving. And you’re climbing and then spinning and looping all crazy and the thoughts are that you’re pretty sure you’re going to survive because how many deaths are there really, from people falling out or roller coasters? But I don’t really know because I never pay much attention to roller coasters fatality statics because I wasn’t riding on roller coasters. Until now.

And every twist and turn has been exciting and I realize that I am enjoying every scary minute. And I started to just let go and trust…No I started to believe… that we have definitely come a long way together. Except there’s always that “gotcha” turn when the bottom drops and your stomach lurches, but then you’re back flying again and you’re laughing your head off because you made it and you’re alive and this is all the most real stuff there is. And the ride begins to just slow just a little bit, and the turns and twists are more like echoes of the stomach turning once from before, but you’re okay with that. You’re okay with everything. And you’re pulling into the place where you started from smiling, happy, enriched, and loved knowing you’re right where you’ve always wanted to be.

Sigh…..! It’s how he makes me feel…safe, loved, cared for and different because he said from the day we started dating, we had our first fight that he would always choose me. And on the 2nd of September he confirmed that me and to whole world.

It was and still is a lot to take in and most of all overwhelmingly Blessful to know that someone would do all that for meJ

I am grateful to God, that he gave me GG.

photo-1When Shiru and her friend got to The Hub, they stopped to watch in amazement…001-1-7Bikes were zooming in and they formed a beautiful heart shape…001-1-9The bikers got off their bikes and turned around… aww! Then they formed her name FAITH SHIRU! 001-1-2She then turned around in shock & saw me, she was like, “Omg! What’s going on, why is Mercy here, and why is she taking photos of us?”

001-1-12Thank God her friend was around because the girl Shiru, was ready to take off… 001-1-13On her way to the Square, there were placards that were held by friends and family.001-1-16Aww! She’s so camera shy, you wouldn’t believe it.001-1-17001-1-20001-1-22She finally got to the Square and all the bikers turned around and see the rest for yourself =)001-1-23She said YES! 001-1-25001-2208He put a ring on it…001-1-31001-1-36GG with Derrick of The Hub. In the background is Linda of The Hub, giving gifts and congratulating the new bride to be woohoo!!001-1-38001-2177Family…

001-2166Let the party begin! Ammo lol!001-2170Meet the goofy bikers!

Shiru & GG! Lots of love & blessings to y’all!

Thank you for stopping by, God bless.