Surprise engagement shoot.

Layout 1BEarly one Monday morning, I left Nairobi for Naivasha for a surprise engagement shoot. I got to the beautiful Naivasha Kongoni Lodge and set my equipment ready. The couple arrived later that day, Nduta was sure that they were only there to have dinner and then drive back to Nairobi. From my secret hide out, I could see her posing for photos talking selfies excitedly, as usual, such a happy soul, with her boyfriend as they approached the pool. Where he got on one knee and proposed to her, yes! We got her, she was surprised! Meet Tony & Nduta, we like to call them the power couple, they have achieved a lot at a good young age, they are my wonderful friends. They met at their former work place. After a week, Tony wrote Nduta a note asking her if she could marry him. Nduta quickly responded and said, NO! Ha! Set 2

Tony pursued her for about three months then, she realized that she liked him too.

Set 3

Set 4

Nduta today is grateful to God that she got engaged to the love of her life. They can’t wait to say “I do” in the presence of friends & family. God bless you guys as get into a new season. Woohoo!!

If you’re looking for a beautiful, fun and peaceful place for a weekend getaway, Naivasha Kongoni Lodge is the place for you. Thank you for your impeccable service and just being part of the team that made the couple feel special, the romantic breakfast table was too cool!

Thanks friends for coming by =) =)


4 thoughts on “Surprise engagement shoot.

  1. I love how you string the pictures with words 🙂 It felt like i was there in the hideout watching the magical moment with you 🙂
    Congratulations to the love birds 🙂
    You are so good at this!Your lenses are oozing with your passion.
    Keep flying dear !Woop woop!


    1. Peris! Thank you for your kind words =) it’s always an honor to be part of beautiful celebrations. I’m glad the words & pictures paint a good picture. Woohoo!! I love shooting & putting it all together, then posting it ha! Glad the client was happy too!

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